1. Strategy
2. Virtual 3D Museum
3. Zine
London, The RSA
Giuvlipen Theatre
The Roma Futurism Museum

The Roma Futurism Museum is a space which provides and promotes a vision about the future of Romani people. This is a digital space which is inspired and supported by the Giuvlipen Theatre, and which showcases the art of the community surrounding this theatre.

“The art of the Romani people is contemporary and futuristic and it’s important that we imagine ourselves existing in the future.” - Mihaela Drăgan, founder of Giuvlipen.

Inspired by the Roma Futurism Manifesto, 3D VR spaces have been designed for the purpose of exhibiting Roma artwork.

Accessible through a dedicated website linked to Giuvlipen, these virtual environments serve as innovative platforms. This initiative fosters exploration of museum artifacts, attendance at shows, and participation in engaging mini-games, providing individuals with immersive experiences in the digital realm.

Thorough research into the works of Giuvlipen and various Romani artists and activists laid the foundation for this project.

Employing a co-design approach, I meticulously crafted a virtual museum utilizing Blender and Cinema 4D. In addition to this, a zine was developed to promote the impactful creations of Giuvlipen and their contemporaries: 

The virtual museum encompasses six distinct sections: RF Simulation, The Stage, The Gallery, The Archive, The Launchpad, Separate artist rooms.