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3D modelling

The Genome Brassica Story

Genome Brassica is an extension of the Brassica skincare concept. As part of the speculative process I created a short sci-fi animation.

This is set in the year 2123, immersing audiences in a future shaped by the perils of climate change. Drawing on scientific predictions, the film envisions a society where CRISPR-Bras9 technology, an evolution of CRISPR-Cas9, is embraced by an AI-driven Government. This is supposably the safest means to enhance human physiological resilience amidst inhospitable living conditions.


To optimize efficiency without compromising quality, a diverse set of techniques was employed throughout the design process. Noteworthy strategies include the extensive use of volumetrics, strategic light placement, particle effects, and the integration of lighting gobos to achieve realistic water caustics. 

Presented here are screengrabs showcasing two scenes, both meticulously rendered in Blender. 


3D Animation
Final result: