1. Photoshoot
2. Branding assets
3. 3D display

BRASSICATM is a luxury face care line. The Brassica brand is an exploration of the economic leverage and potentially life-changing qualities of the Brassicaceae plants.

In this project, I conceived a unique concept, directed and created its visual identity, then planned and executed the production of the branding assets. The result is a branding campaign that showcases my creative research, art direction skills, and end-to-end project execution abilities.

Visual language

The concept for the photoshoot revolves around the correlation between water, Brassica plants, and vitality. The primary objective was to highlight the promotion of a healthy, radiant complexion while accentuating natural textures. The use of non-invasive editing techniques was prioritized to achieve a authentic aesthetic.



Branding assets

Capturing the essence of sophistication through minimalist design, the logo identity for Brassica seamlessly blends graphic lines and serif typography.


3D display

The 3D product display aludes to Brassica's intrinsic connection to water, seamlessly intertwining the brand's essence with the grace of nature.